Spot&avoid a nudist dating scam-How?

The bad news is this: yes, people have been scammed on dating sites. Yes, people are still being scammed even as you read this. And yes, people may probably continue being scammed in the future. And this is even more so for nudists because most times people claiming to be nudists are just perverts who have no idea what the nudism ideology is all about.

You may have read a lot of victim stories on the internet about people who were scammed on dating sites. And you have equally read amazing stories that left you teary-eyed about people who met online and went on to live the happily ever after dream.

But now you are left at crossroads; are there any real nudist dating sites for nudist singles online? YES. There are real nudist dating sites out there. But sadly, there are equally fake ones out there too.

Worry not however, by the time you're done reading this, you'd be able to tell straight up if a site is for real or for scams. And you will also be able to tell the authentic profiles apart from the fake ones.

Let's start with spotting a phony site...

Bad reviews: A fake site is like a trap. And when people fall into traps, they don't (maybe some people do) dig themselves out and move on without putting up a warning for other potential victims. So scout the internet for what other people have said or are saying about this site you want to sign up on.

Stick to the sites that have been tested and trusted: The safest way to avoid falling prey to phony sites is to only sign up on nudist sites that were recommended to you by friends who tried them out.

The Ideology: Most people confuse nudism with pornography. So what they term 'nudist dating sites' turn out to be 'sex chat rooms'. How can you tell? Read the profiles, if they sound more suggesting than informing; it's a red flag. People on the right nudist dating sites would build up their profiles with relevant information about themselves. They would put out a profile that would make someone else want to date them and not just want to rump the sheets with them.

And now that the site passed the test, how can you tell if a profile/account is fake?

A fake profile is basically a person claiming to be someone else or a person claiming to be someone he or she is not. This means that fake profiles are built on lies solely to deceive other people. A fake profile on a nudist dating site could be a pervert claiming to be a nudist. Or just some random scammer looking to dupe or even hurt people.

Here's what you should look out for...

Pictures: If you bump on a profile you like and would like to check out its authenticity, try running a Google search on the photo there. If it is fake then the picture will turn up to belong to someone else.

Averse to Video chats or Telephone Calls: Most fake profiles belong to women posing to be men or men posing to be women. If this person you are chatting with has been trying to avoid having a phone or video call with you, it might be because the person is not really a woman does not want you to hear his croaky male voice!

Ghost account: Online ghosts are people who have seemingly authentic profiles but never interact with other people online. They don't comment on other people's posts, and other people don't comment on theirs either. They don't get tags, and they don't have friends or acquaintances online. They don't even make any posts. If the profile you saw ticks all these boxes then it's probably a sign that maybe the account is a hoax.

They never give straightforward answers: Now this applies to when you are have started to form a friendship with them. If they always try to change the subject when you ask them particular questions. Or they never really answer the questions you ask but rather say something else to divert your attention. The account might be a fake one. The best way to judge this is to paint a picture of how many personal details you have about them. If the picture you come up with is hazy with too many unconnected dots, you may be dealing with a fake.

What to do? Challenge them to prove they are real people and not impersonators. If they are real they would prove it to you. And if they are the account! This way you would be saving someone else from falling prey to a fake profile. This makes you a hero you know.