5 Best Nudist Beaches and Resorts

If there is one thing we nudists love, it is embracing nature in our natural state – stripping off and stepping in to a natural environment like a beach. Most nudists are actually naturalist. Over the years, I have visited and stayed at a couple of nudist resorts and beaches in America and Europe. The nudist resorts and beaches I will be talking about are my favorite top five. They are chosen based on my personal experiences while I was there. I have not been to any nudist locations in Asia and Africa, so those two continents will not have locations featured in this article. I will countdown from the fifth to the first, so let us get started, drum roll...

5. Garden of Eden Resort (Isla Solarte), Panama. As far as the word natural goes, Isla Solarte is the embodiment of it. Think of it as the modern day version of the biblical Garden of Eden, before the fruit was eaten. This is the most natural nudist resort I have been too. Nudity here is mandatory, and not only that, the rooms are powered by solar panels. The absence of Wi-Fi, cameras and internet as a whole, makes it a perfect escape from the hassles of everyday life. I have never been to an even more natural nudist resort.

4. La Jenny Gironde, France. Applause… The silver coast, also known in French as “Cote d’argent” is an awesome nudist facility with a great beach and vibrant nudist community. And what makes it stand out even more, is the fact that it is nude-kid friendly. After giving birth to my daughter, it was difficult to find nude resorts where kids were accepted in America. La Jenny provided for us a unique opportunity to introduce our kid to the nudist lifestyle.

3. Sunland Holiday Village Australia. I could have easily put this resort as first, except for that the first is truly epic. The Sunland Village in Robe Australia is a nudist paradise, complete with a long stretch of an ever beckoning beach. The rustic camp houses adds an extra layer of nature to the already kangaroo populated region. The village also has a sauna, a spa, and a club house.

2. Desert Hot Springs, California, USA. As the name sounds, this part of California has beautiful hot springs which are high in natural minerals and very soothing to the skin. Like most nudist resorts in America, it is cloth-optional. Though it might be weird to be naked among people who are dressed up, the hot springs make it all worth it.

1. Cap d’Agde “Naked City”, France. Give it up ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Monsieur et Mademoiselles, to what is my pick for number one place amongst all the nudist resorts and beaches I have been to. First of all can I just say that this beautiful gorgeous city deserves to be a country on its own, with a nude president and all. The Cap is so well established as a nudist resort, with naked tax, nude bank, nude supermarket, nude post office, and nude businesses. This to me is the nudist’s ultimate Shangri-La.